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Business idea crowdfunding volunteer concept flat 3d web isometric infographic vector. Group of people putting money to box. Crowd funding process illustration. Creative people collection.Would you be surprised to learn that millions of American entrepreneurs took advantage of their layoffs to start their own businesses? We’re not.If you’re considering joining their ranks, or if you already own a successful business that you’d like to grow, we can help.Financing a new venture, or funding an expansion of an existing business, can certainly be frightening to the uninitiated, but it needn’t be. As a new or existing business owner, you’re not expected to know where the best financing options are. Hours of digging and internet research would likely leave you feeling overwhelmed and ready to toss the laptop through the nearest window — and then you’d just have to find money to replace the laptop and the window. and honestly, who needs that?So, instead of trying to do it all yourself, the best next step is to find a lending officer that puts you at ease, knows the market, and will do an excellent job of finding you the funding you need.We happen to know a few people who fit the bill.Commercial Funding Partners has spent the last 30-some decades building relationships with lending houses, and securing funding for clients across a wide array of industries, including aircraft, car dealerships, construction, energy, finance, healthcare, hospitality, manufacturing, rentals, restaurants, technology and transportation.We have secured millions of dollars in funding for our clients. Millions. And the thought of stopping hasn’t even crossed our minds.We invite you to ask us about financing. Our consultations are commitment free, and yours for the taking. Want a fresh set of eyes to examine your existing loans and determine if there are better options? We can do that. Need someone to help you turn the business you’ve dreamt up into a reality? We can help you get the funding you need.Our lending officers understand where you’re coming from. Each one of us has been involved in at least one entrepreneurial venture. We will take the time needed to learn about and understand your business and your goals, and then draw on our vast experience to provide guidance, advice and, best of all, access to cash.We can promise you this: When you work with Commercial Funding Partners, you will develop a relationship with a company that understands your needs, and more importantly, one that understands the current lending environment. You work with a company that works hard to help you attain your goals and keep your business plan on track.“It’s not what you know, it’s who you know,” right? Well, after 35 years in the commercial lending business, we have relationships with lenders that are unmatched, and because of these relationships, we can secure the best loans for your unique situation.Money may not grow on trees, but when it comes to finding affordable financing options, a fruitful relationship with Commercial Funding Partners can sure make it seem that way. Call us today to learn more: (801) 545-4000