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For many businesses, big equipment is a larger-than-life hero. Its tires are the wheels of progress that keep our economy moving forward. Whether you work in construction, manufacturing, trucking or health care, securing financing for such machinery can mean the difference between meeting your business goals for the year or missing the mark.

Yet even more than the equipment itself, the true title of hero belongs to another: You. As an entrepreneur, founder or executive, you’re putting your best on the line every day to meet the needs of your customers. Equipment isn’t just a nice-to-have accessory, it’s a must-have workhorse to get the job done right. It prevents delays and helps you deliver to spec.

That’s why we’re so pleased to do what we do every day for our customers at Commercial Funding Partners (CFP). We invite you to check out our latest video, titled “How CFP Can Help Your Business,” below. It spotlights a bit more about our approach and how we support leaders in unlocking financing that keeps their strategic plans on track.

“We take very seriously our partnerships with our customers and we want to make sure all of their transactions are profitable for them,” explains Bailey Turner, vice president at CFP, in the video.

The success stories you share with us provide tremendous motivation to keep going and continue assisting as many customers as we can.

“When these companies reach back and say, ‘That equipment you helped finance for me, that helped us, you know, employ another 10 people, or helped us open another plant,’ that’s real rewarding,” adds Traci Dolphin, executive vice president of credit.

Factors to consider for your company’s next big-equipment purchase

As you evaluate your own company’s equipment needs, keep these details in mind:

  • If you need to complete a transaction of $150,000 or more, we can help. You deserve access to as many pathways to funding as possible. Together, we’ll explore all available options and help you successfully navigate the path to your next equipment purchase.
  • The only limitation on your growth is imagination. We help an array of market segments, extending to aircraft, restaurants and manufacturing software. If you’ve got a need, speak up and ask. Chances are good our team can co-create a winning solution with you.
  • Trust and a proven track record are important when seeking out a financing partner. Do your homework and rely on a qualified provider. Ask for referrals and case studies of impact. At CFP, we encourage you ask our customers about their experience. Trust the business leaders who’ve taken the risk of embarking on an equipment purchasing journey—and seen the reward firsthand.

We’re excited to debut this new video because of what it says about our incredible customers—and our team of dedicated financing professionals. Few things in life or in business are as rewarding as setting and achieving an ambitious goal. And that’s what we get to do every day: We help our customers meet their goals for growth and service.

Whenever you need help financing equipment, we hope you’ll consider CFP as your partner in the transaction. To learn more or to talk through your next project, call us at 801-545-4000 or visit Commercial Funding Partners online.