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Lightbox – Construction – $923,000

Construction Used Cement Trucks Schedule #3 for a customer CFP has had since 2016. The owner purchased a company and CFP funded the equipment. Funded $923,000 48-month Capital Lease Construction

Lightbox – Energy – $4,450,000

Energy Storage Tanks This tank system is designed to store large amounts of fuel in the winter. CFP funded the tanks, labor, excavation, and concrete. Funded $4,450,000 60-month Capital Lease Energy

Lightbox – Healthcare – $450,000

Healthcare MRI Sale Leaseback This is schedule number three with this customer that has been with us since 2017. This is a MRI refurbishment. The customer has a sizable rental fleet. CFP can fund refurbished equipment. Funded $450,000 36-month Operating Lease...