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Lightbox – Agriculture – $1,050,000

Agriculture A company came to CFP looking for funding for their specialized farming equipment. CFP was able to give them a 48-month capital lease with $1.05M. Funded $1,050,000 48-month capital lease...

Lightbox – Agriculture – $560,000

Agriculture An agricultural company was looking to fund some specialized farming equipment. CFP was able to get them a 48-month capital lease for $560,000. Funded $560,000 48-month capital lease Agriculture

Lightbox – Agriculture – $1,340,000

Agriculture CFP Funds Specialized Agriculture Equipment, Saves Company $25,000 a Month An agricultural company was in need of unconventional funding for some cattle-feeding equipment. Traditional lenders were unwilling to fund the specialized equipment and the...

Lightbox – Agriculture – $861,000

Agriculture Agriculture company approved for additional schedule of $861K An agriculture company was approved for an additional schedule of $861,000. They had to replace old farming equipment and were given a 4-year operating lease. “This client was so pleased with...