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CFP Keeps Lights On with $400K

For an exclusive duck hunting lodge, power loss is not an option. Conventional funding for their large-ticket lease on massive backup generators wasn’t either until Commercial Funding Partners (CFP) stepped in.

With the resort’s remote location, constant power isn’t always reliable, so the backup generators were a must. “I’m not all that interested in having 300 customers all with guns in their hands when the power’s out,” said its owner.

Although this cushy resort, complete with lodges, a restaurant, and a pro shop, attracts people from all over the world, from locals to oil sheiks, there was a funding roadblock when it came to obtaining the generators. The company was a startup—enough to give pause to traditional lenders bound by regulations.

“We came up with an innovative structure that allowed us to take a $400,000 transaction that wasn’t bankable and got it secured with multiple strong guarantors,” remarked CFP Credit Manager Derek Turley.

CFP’s ingenious team is constantly finding ways around traditional funding. Where most banks want to see a track record that spans a number of years, CFP can work with a lessee who has only a handful of months under their belt, often securing a lease deal that actually saves the client money over purchasing equipment outright.




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15 April, 2020