Radiology Equipment

Orthopedic Center Acquires $820K for Tech and Radiology Equipment

Commercial Funding Partners (CFP) was contacted by an Orthopedic Center that had nine locations. Due to regulations, the company was required to purchase tech and radiology equipment for each location. CFP was able to fund $820K for the Orthopedic Center’s to get their collateral.

“Even though we were dealing with nine locations and no majority owners, we were able to get them funding with no guarantors,” said Buddy Zarbock, Vice President of CFP.

Despite the unique circumstances of the deal, CFP was able to come through with the funding needed for the technology and radiology equipment. CFP used 36 and 48-month operating leases to cater to the needs of the customer and match the economic useful life of the equipment.




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15 April, 2020