Vendor Application

Business owners want to grow on their terms. Can you blame them? It’s their vision. But there’s a tight rope act of growing a business while meeting customers’ needs and expectations. Should you expand, or do you maintain until you have more capital?

Your own customers are probably asking themselves the same thing. Commercial Funding Partners (CFP) makes the choice easy by offering strategic business models designed to make the future a reality now. It’s your vision. Grow on your terms. CFP’s Vendor Finance Club allows you to offer flexible terms and many options to fit your clients’ needs.

Benefits to You

  • Cash flow from day one
  • Close sales quickly
  • Overcome objections with payment inflexibility
  • Minimize exposure and investment requirements
  • Keep competitive with increase in sales and profits by 20%
  • Build and maintain customer loyalty and satisfaction

Benefits to Your Customers

  • Predicable, low monthly payments
  • Reduced up-front cost and preservation of capital
  • Strategic business models custom to their needs
  • Ability to bundle transactions
  • Add maintenance and warranties
  • Potential accounting and tax advantages