Broker Application

As a broker, closing deals and maintaining a large client base is essential to success. But with the demand on your time increasing with every new deal and/or client you acquire, increasing opportunities to grow your business can slip through your fingers without you even knowing it.

Commercial Funding Partners wants to help prevent that by developing a joint venture that can increase your bottom line and lock in those sales.  CFP has a loyal Broker Club and we want you to be part of it. Bring us those deals that you cannot close with your current underwriters. Our personal networks allow us the same product larger companies sell, but we can do it faster and more competitively.

Why go at it alone when you can split the work and keep all the profits? Below are just a few of the incentives Commercial Funding Partners can create.

Benefits for Brokers

  • Quick Approvals
  • Repeat Business
  • Bundle Maintenance and warranties
  • Sell more equipment and help increase margins
  • Commissions from 1-5 points
  • Close sales quickly, overcome objections with payment options
  • Establish new relationships and increase customer loyalty