Libby Johnson

Senior Vice President

Libby Turner has nearly two decades of experience in the lease and finance industry, beginning in 2004. During that time, she has successfully secured over three-quarters of a billion dollars in equipment and project funding. Her expertise has been integral to the success of hundreds of growing companies. Fusing the complex needs of clients with the everchanging credit markets is a challenge that requires world-class capabilities. Libby possesses a rare talent and has demonstrated those abilities year after year. She launched her career in Napa and Sonoma Valley where she enjoyed 15 years at the upper levels of the wine industry. Soon after, she entered the field of commercial finance, quickly working her way to the top of this industry as well. Libby has developed, managed, and mentored multiple sales floors, leading her teams to impressive results. To say she has been instrumental in enhancing the sales careers of many successful sales professionals in this challenging industry would be an understatement.