Buddy Zarbock


Buddy Zarbock began his professional career at IBM after receiving his Bachelor of Science from the University of Utah in Business Communications and an MBA from Westminster College. Over the next few years at IBM he received cutting-edge training that helped him craft and hone his business expertise.

With the skills acquired at IBM, he went on to become Manager/Owner at Plumbers Supply Company where he helped the firm grow into one of the largest wholesale distribution houses in the west. This success led to the sale of the firm to the Wolesely Company (WOS). It is the world’s largest wholesale company at $24 billion. After the merger, he worked with WOS assisting in growing new branches and new markets.

Realizing his talent for strategic financial planning, Buddy later joined Mazuma Capital where he quickly became an integral part of the company’s successful business execution and growth. Recognizing these achievements, Mazuma quickly awarded him a promotion to Vice President of Intermediary Relations where he excelled for the next 6 years.

Buddy now serves as President at Commercial Funding Partners (CFP). There he guides small to mid-market sized businesses in constructing business models to accommodate today’s fluctuating markets. During his tenure at CFP, Buddy has harnessed his business expertise, helping the company to achieve success not seen in the past. His leadership has created a loyal customer, broker and vendor following. He currently resides in Utah with his wife and 5 children enjoying skiing, squash, mountain biking, and open-water swimming.