CFP now uses electronic documents, giving you faster, easier, funding.

What We Fund

CFP funds business equipment transactions $150,000 and up.  Strategically structuring a project is our specialty.  We will find every viable way to cash flow and approve your deal.  Once approved, our electronic documentation process allows a streamline to funding.

Who We Are

Our group has been funding businesses since 1987.  Over the years, CFP’s industry leadership has helped countless companies prosper. The ownership group and our career professionals in sales, credit and documentation make a unique combination to get transactions funded.

Recent Transactions

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Large Ticket Leasing

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CFP wants your project to cash flow you from day one. We use our own resources and our own cash with underwriters to secure transactions for customers. That’s how we can get creative and quickly facilitate deals that have been turned down by banks.

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Services & Products

Brokers Application

Application Form As a broker, closing deals and maintaining a large client base is essential to success. But with the demand on your time increasing with every new deal and/or client you acquire, increasing opportunities to grow your business can slip through your fingers without you even knowing it. Commercial Funding Partners wants to help prevent that by developing a joint venture that can increase your bottom line and lock in those sales. CFP has a loyal Broker …


Vendor Application

Application Form Business owners want to grow on their terms. Can you blame them? It’s their vision. But there’s a tight rope act of growing a business while meeting customers’ needs and expectations. Should you expand, or do you maintain until you have more capital? Your own customers are probably asking themselves the same thing. Commercial Funding Partners (CFP) makes the choice easy by offering strategic business models designed to make the future a reality now. It’s your …