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Over $500 Million Funded

Get the Funding You Need for Profitable Growth

With decades of experience, we partner with our customers to offer funding for capital projects. We make sure you have the cash flow you need to successfully grow your business.

You know the best path to drive your business forward—we're here to help you on your way. At CFP, we specialize in funding business transactions, ensuring you have the cash flow to keep your business growing. With decades of experience—and success for new and repeat clients—we're here to help fund your capital project.

Fueling your growth,
one deal at a time

Our group brings decades of industry experience, confidence, and creativity to every single deal. With hundreds of successful transactions on our books, CFP is ready to help you level up your business.

Photo of Buddy Zarbock, President of Commercial Funding Partners

In Good Company

"We do good deals for good customers—that's just what we do."

Buddy Zarbock


Photo of Bailey Turner, Vice President of Commercial Funding Partners

Our Clients, Our Partners

"At Commercial Funding Partners, we look at every deal from the perspective of how can we get this deal done."

Bailey Turner

Vice President

Photo of Bailey Turner, Vice President of Commercial Funding Partners

Financing for Every Situation

"Every transaction is unique, just like our customers. That’s why we offer a lot of flexibility on how we structure our deals."

Libby Johnson

Senior Vice President

Photo of Kira Jones, Documentation Manager of Commercial Funding Partners

Financing for Every Situation

"Whether rewriting documents or looking for a new funding source, we come together as a team to brainstorm and put things together."

Kira Jones

Documentation Manager

Photo of Traci Dolphin, Executive Vice President Credit of Commercial Funding Partners

Working Across Industries

"We look at all transactions, across all industries. What’s important to us is the customer."

Traci Dolphin

Executive Vice President Credit

Funding saved a Cattle Company

Multi-Million Dollar Agricultural Success

When a cattle growing operation with a top line revenue of $80M needed to fund a new feed mix operation, they gave CFP a call. The company had many entities, and they knew it would take deep insider knowledge to properly underwrite the transactions. CFP was up to the task.

This initial deal, totalling $1.4M, would go on to save the company $30k per month. It also started a relationship that led to multiple million dollar schedules, replacing equipment and allowing the company continued growth, updated equipment, and cost savings.

Timely Funding for Profitable Growth

After hitting a financial wall with their bank, a large-scale, multi-million dollar logistics and mail business started looking for an alternative in funding. After comparing with competitors, the company chose to work with CFP based on a superior rate, term, and structure to what would eventually become many multi-million dollar schedules.

The company was looking to expand and needed both logistical and sorting equipment. Unlike a bank, CFP was able to fund large amounts to the client through our process of spreading the risk across many different platforms. The back-to-back approvals for $1.7M and $1.4M enabled profitable growth for the customer.tinued growth, updated equipment, and cost savings.

Expansion funding for a logistics company

Fully Invested In Your Success

Savvy Financing: How We Work with Brokers

Photo of dump trucks

Keeping you in the loop

We work closely with brokers throughout the lifetime of the client relationship. We won't leave you behind.

Photo of Buddy Zarbock conducting a presentation

There when you need us

Don't get lost in the inbox of a big box lender. We provide full transparency of deal status, exclusive access to the broker desk, and direct contact with our executive team.

Expertise across industries

Giving you a broad range of lending products and a deep knowledge of specifics across industries, you can count on CFP no matter the deal you're looking to close.

Mutual respect and benefits

Brokers are a vital part of our business. We have competitive incentive programs, as well as offer continuing education and training to ensure personal growth.

Choose a funding partner with the experience, creativity, and drive to fuel your profitable success.

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CFP's Core Values

At CFP, we don't just talk the talk—we have set out to prove our worth to clients by walking a path guided by a set of core principles.

These principles keep us focused, united, innovative, and driven in pursuit of being the best company we can be.

We Believe In ...


Being brave enough to look at the brutal reality of the situation.


A healthy work-life balance for all employees and stakeholders. This includes the true reasons why we work.


Making good on the commitments we make to our funding partners.


Helping our customers profitably grow by repeatedly using our products and services.


Having an open and secure work environment free of political pressure.


Asking others:

  • To regularly check our work for errors
  • For help to strategically work together to meet challenges
  • For constructive feedback in helping us do our jobs better


Communicating face-to-face or voice-to-voice as much as possible.


Using the latest technology and strategies to maximize effectiveness.


Giving back to the community to make our world better.

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