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Environment Has Allies-CFP Bridges the Gap
25 November, 2013

With a three-year contract tax lease from Commercial Funding Partners (CFP), an oil field services company was able to implement a new state-of-the-art $2 million water purification system designed to separate oil from water.  This new system will help create a net-profit for the company with a profitability index starting from day one of installation.

“The approval is amazing,” said Buddy Zarbock, Vice President of CFP. “This structure of funding is very unique. Funding like this is usually only available to older companies with a longer track record of sustainability.”

Companies all over are looking for new ways to combat this waste and go green.  Their situation can seem dire at times from lack of capital. Especially capital for young fledgling companies, with new innovations and great promise.  Thanks to CFP these type of companies can innovate now for the future.

“For being a company less than three years old,” added Mr. Zarbock, “this type of funding is unheard of.  It’s a win-win situation for both the environment and the company.”    

Notably one of the biggest problems facing the environment today is waste from natural resource excavation.  With specific industries such as oil drilling, strip mining, and natural gas excavation being some of the largest contributors to this waste.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA) in 2008:

“Produced water from oil and gas operations is, by volume, the largest waste stream associated with oil and gas production. The content of produced water typically varies depending on the geographic location of the field, the type of hydrocarbons being produced, and other features associated with the geology and extraction techniques used.”