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21783331 - july - calendar and month seriesWe’re taking a bit of departure with this blog, and instead of offering business advice, we’re offering fun advice, or rather, advice on having fun.

We all work hard, right? And now that it’s summer, we have the chance to kick back a bit, enjoy the great weather and celebrate.

The obvious celebration this month is, of course, July 4, and we have the bonus of the holiday falling on a Monday, which will mean three-day weekends for many. Enjoy the fireworks, the parades, the barbecues and the pool parties.

And when it’s all over, don’t despair. There are plenty more celebrations on the horizon, even if some of them are lesser-known.

Here goes:

Celebrate International Kissing Day on Wednesday, July 6, and World Chocolate Day on Thursday, July 7. Not too shabby a way to close out the week of July 4, we’d say!

On July 10, a Sunday, while enjoying the great outdoors, keep one eye focused on the ground for Don’t Step on a Bee Day.

Nine days later, on Tuesday, July 19, raise a glass for National Daquiri Day, the glorious summer drink featuring rum, and while you’re at it, plan to buy some candy to mark National Lollipop Day on July 20, a Wednesday.

On Thursday, July 21, the easiest of summer dinners is on the menu when you fire up the grill for National Hot Dog Day. Two days later, on Saturday, July 23, celebrate dessert with National Vanilla Ice Cream Day.

For the outdoor sporting enthusiasts, Sunday, July 24, kicks off a monthlong celebration: National Fishing Month. Through Aug. 29, be sure to try the sport, or if you’re already a fan, share it with a newcomer.

Not to be outshone by rum, tequila also has a day. July 24 is National Tequila Day. Margarita, anyone?

On Monday, July 25, you might celebrate National Parents’ Day, a holiday that celebrates both parents at once.

And, for the chocolate lovers out there, here’s a second chance to indulge: Thursday, July 28, is National Milk Chocolate Day.

July 30, a Saturday, is World Friendship Day and National Cheesecake Day. When you gather with your closest friends to celebrate that bond, dessert will be the easiest part of the menu to plan!

So go ahead, punctuate your month with these little celebrations. After all, is that what life is about? Working hard is part of it, of course, but so is living and enjoying all of the little things that bring a smile to your face.

Happy summer to all!