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Buddy Knows Business: $1.5 million funding created for medical testing equipment
14 October, 2013

Salt Lake City, October 17,2013

1. Q: Currently you are helping a company that has turned profitable recently, how does Commercial Funding Partners (CFP’s) infusion help maintain this profitability, if at all?

A: This transaction will increase net profits by $500,000 after all expenditures are met.

2. Q: The company produces medical equipment.  With CFP’s infusion what sort of industries or companies could benefit from the company mentioned above, expanding and growing?

A: Health care is a niche that we have always served well.  This is a critical time for our nation’s healthcare systems. Creative solutions, with calculated risks, will pay big dividends for our customers.  Our business models allow us to work shoulder to shoulder with them.

3. Q: There was an $80,000 monthly savings to the company receiving CFP’s help.  What did this savings do for the company?

A: We are stepping into this transaction at a critical time for the customer.  They are on the verge of moving from growth to profitability. We made that move a reality.   In turn, this created a stronger credit backbone allowing for more flexible and precise lending solutions when needed in the future.  We grow with our customers.

4. Q: What direction could you have seen the company taking without CFP’s help?

A:  Hi rate lenders with little to no flexibility hamper progress for growing firms. We bridge the lending gap between bank lending and venture capitalists creating more options for our clients.

5. Q: CFP creates funding opportunities for all levels of industry nationwide.  On what level do you feel CFP has the most direct impact? Why?

A: Our greatest impact is on the A- to B- credits market with transactions from $500k to $5M.  These are the market stabilizing companies and our business model helps promote that stability and maintain healthy growth for not only the companies we help but the companies they interact with daily.

6. Q: Other than medical equipment, what sort of other products has CFP help fund? 

A: The question is what don’t we do?  If our customers can make a business case for a capital acquisition we can fund it.  That includes soft costs such as software, setup costs, installation fees, tenant improvements and other types of collateral banks don’t like to fund.

7. Q: If I were a company owner, why would I need someone like Commercial Funding Partners ?

A: Banks have small niches with limited flexibility.  Too much time is taken for credit approvals and documentation.  In today’s business environment, timing and being there first means that you have a better chance to control that environment in your favor.

8. Q: For others unaware of the possibilities working with CFP, what are a 3 Key strengths you feel CFP has that makes them an industry leader?

A: 1. We work quickly. On average it takes one to two weeks to get an approval.

2. Once you’ve signed a proposal we have an 80% approval rate.

3. Our group has been doing this for over 25 years.

Commercial Funding Partners have been helping small to mid-sized companies see opportunities come to life for over 25 years. Contact Buddy today with questions and/or a proposal and let him show you how he can help to make your life’s work a legacy.