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Top 5 Things Brokers Should Know

Buddy Zarbock President, Commercial Funding PartnersRead original article at www.monitordaily.comBrokers have a tough task to perform in the United States business economy. The sheer volume of deals that banks won’t do, especially now, is increasing at a significant...

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3 tips for creating long-term business goals

When starting a new business, it’s easy to think of short term goals and strategies – especially when business strategies are in the beginning phases of implementation. Short-term goals, while necessary, generally look at the next 2-5 years, while long-term...

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How to create long-term, profitable growth for your business

Anyone can start a business, but few succeed in scaling and creating a long-term business model with growth potential. Achieving profitable YOY growth takes strategic planning and the ability to create products that evolve with current trends and technology. Scaling...

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Traci Dolphin, Commercial Funding Partners

Traci Dolphin Executive Vice President of Credit and Syndications Commercial Funding PartnersRead original article at www.monitordaily.comTraci Dolphin believes that open dialogue at a company matters, and she values everyone’s opinion. With a sales team led by Libby...

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How to find the right financing solution for your business

If you have a great startup business idea and are ready to hit the ground running, there may be only one thing that’s stopping you – financing. Getting over the initial hurdle of securing financing to run a successful business and continuing to develop...

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How to grow your business with the right financing strategy

So, you’ve found the right financing solution for your business but want to make sure your financing plan is set up for long-term growth. The growth of a business takes place in five phases, according to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce. These stages are startup,...

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