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Lessors Funding Profitable Growth

CFP will not just fund your project; we'll do it in ways your bank can't.

Our aim is to make your project cash flow from day one and have you put your company's cash to work honing in
your core competencies. Put all that together, and it means you can go ahead and grow now.

What We Fund

CFP is a major, nationwide presence in the lending space for leasing equipment and business expansion. We facilitate large-ticket leases in the $150k to $10 million range. Our terms are from 18 to 72 months. We help you utilize tax and accounting laws to your advantage.

We’ll get you the best deal on the latest equipment. You spend less, and you’re never stuck owning equipment that’s outdated before you even finish paying it off.

Recent Transactions

Who We Are

Our group of companies has been in the leasing business since 1987. We lease all kinds of equipment that grows businesses, from software to trucks to state-of-the-art medical equipment. We’re a boutique funding company—not a big sales organization—so you can forget about high overhead being passed along to you. We competitively fund transactions that your bank can’t.

Large Ticket Leasing

Call CFP today, and get your business growing.

CFP wants your project to cash flow you from day one. We use our own resources and our own cash with underwriters to secure transactions for customers. That’s how we can get creative and quickly facilitate deals that have been turned down by banks.

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Large Ticket Finance  $150K-$10mm

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